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MGM Accused of Conflict of Internet in Mediation with Victims of 1 October Shooting

Friday, June, 26, 2020

A deadline has been set for those involved in the 1 October shooting in Las Vegas, perpetrated by a guest of MGM’s Mandalay Bay resort and casino who shot into an outdoor music festival from a window of the hotel to receive a portion of an $800 million settlement with MGM Resorts International.


But at least 20 of the people eligible for a portion of the settlement are “shocked and disappointed” because they believe there was a conflict of interest during mediation. The accusations come after it was revealed that the company’s security vice president’s daughter was a member of the mediation panel.


Victims believe it should have been made clear who was a part of the negotiating team and they believe it was an unfair process.


According to reports, Jennifer Togliatti was one of the two retired judges responsible for mediating the settlement with MGM on behalf of victims. Her father George served as Vice President of Security, Surveillance and Safety at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, at the time of the shooting. Lawyers representing the victims state that Togliatti did confirm her father’s role with MGM at the time of the shooting before the mediation began. The approximately 50 layers representing the thousands of victims state that they told their clients about the potential conflict of interest but several clients say this was not the case. Many of the victims had already opted into the settlement before finding out about Togliatti’s father and now they regret their decision.


One of the attorneys representing shooting victim’s points out that Togliatti had no decision-making power. Mediators do not make rulings or commit to settlements, they negotiate and those affected by the outcome make the decision. It was the victims’ attorneys who accepted the settlement mediated, in part, by Togliatti.