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Owner of Toyota of Portsmouth Will Forgo Participation in Upcoming Mediation

Tuesday, February, 12, 2019

James Boyle, owner of Toyota of Portsmouth, will not be participating in the upcoming mediation between his company and city officials.


According to Boyle, he chose not to participate because “he has had enough with what he sees as unfair tactics of city officials. ” He also noted that he is happy with his attorney but he does not want to keep paying him for representation.  


Boyle further explained, “I do not believe the city wants to settle this no matter what they say.  They are the guys with the multi-million dollar judgment against them.  They should come to me with an offer. ”


Recently, Boyle was victorious when the Superior Court set aside Portsmouth’s eminent domain confiscation of nearly five acres of his land next to the Toyota dealership located off of the Route 1 Bypass.


The city has since appealed that Superior Court ruling to the Supreme Court.


Boyle further claims the city administration in general and the City Manager John Bohenko have acted in bad faith in their supposed attempts to negotiate up to this point.  Boyle had already met with the major, the assistant mayor, and two city councilors in an attempt to settle the situation.  They were unable to reach an agreement.  Boyle’s lawyer did draft a document outlining a potential deal – a task that Boyle foots the bill for – but ultimately the city told him that deal was off because “… the city councilors did not support the proposed deal.  


Boyle has voiced ongoing concerns about the people involved in negotiations because he feels he never knows whether anyone is capable of negotiating a settlement or not.