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Thursday, December, 7, 2023



Same sex couples, be they Domestic Partners or Married, can significantly benefit from using Mediation as a way of legally ending their relationships and create all of the divorce documents required by the courts. The contract between the parties will contain all of the issues needed to be resolved, including:

Custody and visitation;

2)      Health insurance for the children;

3)      Child Support;

4)      Payment of extra-curricular activities

5)      Tax deductibility;

6)      College Expenses;

7)      Life insurance naming the children as beneficiaries;

8)      Spousal Support;

9)      Division of retirement benefits;

10)    Division of personal property;

11)    Real estate ownership after divorce becomes final;

12)    Payment of bills

Same –sex couples using mediation, rather than the traditional lawyer verses lawyer divorce process, can save several thousands of dollars and avoid the need to ever step foot into a courthouse. Unlike adversarial situations the parties can come to an agreement much more quickly rather than it dragging along for several months. By working with a well-trained mediator there will be far fewer fights over the division of time with the children or property accumulated during the relationship.

Mediations sessions are private and confidential. This helps avoid unnecessary stress between the parties as the process unfolds. The goal is to arrive at a fair, reasonable and equitable final Marital Settlement Agreement. The give and take of mediation helps both parties to get what they want and need with both dignity and respect.

For more information about divorce in San Diego for same-sex couples, as well as traditional marriage dissolution please call A Fair Way Mediation Center. We are located at 600 W. Broadway, Suite 700, San Diego, California. Please call 619-702-9174 for a free one-half our telephone consultation.