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Third Victim Comes Forward in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Thursday, January, 7, 2016

Yet another Wappingers Central School District custodian has brought suit against a former supervisor and the district concerning sexual harassment charges. The latest accuser, 56 year old Angelo DiGregorio, claims Catherine DeFazio, who was at one time the head custodian in the Van Wyck Junior High school, sexually harassed him and other men on a constant and daily basis. And since the victims feel the district did not address the violations of its own policies, it too is named in the suit.


DeFazio denies the allegations that she did anything inappropriate or created a hostile work environment for the men. She has admitted to having a birthday card of a man without his shirt on in her office. DeFazio is no longer head custodian at the school, but still works in the district.


DiGregorio claims he told DeFazio shortly after he began work at the school that he was uncomfortable with sexually inappropriate discussions at work. According to court documents, DeFazio:


  • Made frequent comments that were described as sexually charged
  • Talked about a visit to a local sex shop and her use of adult products
  • Boasted of satisfying two men at the same time to DiGregorio
  • Frequently discussed her sexual thoughts and experiences
  • Told DiGregorio to “lighten up” when he requested she stop speaking in a sexual manner, and went on to refer to his wife and children


It took DiGregorio some time to file his complaint because he was concerned he’d lose his job or be made fun of by co-workers.  The other men’s cases were sent to mediation per court policy in an effort to save time and money. DiGregorio’s cases will be handled in the same manner.