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What are the benefits of coaching?

Saturday, July, 7, 2012

It is my task, as your coach, to empower you to make constructive and meaningful changes in your professional and personal life. When I coach, I walk the fine line between supporting clients and challenging them to discover new, and more effective, ways of approaching difficult issues. As a result, clients are able to move forward and achieve powerful changes in all areas of their life.


The benefits of coaching include:


Goals: Define and plan the specific steps and strategies you need to achieve your goals.


Time management: Manage your time more effectively to maximize productivity.


Values: Orient your life and work around the values that are most important to you.


Growth: Be challenged to go beyond your comfort zone and achieve growth you never thought possible.


Conflict: Learn problem-solving and communication skills that improve your ability to have difficult conversations and manage conflict.


Relationships: Improve your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.


Action: Move into action, as you overcome fears and bad habits that block you from achieving success.


Balance: Lower your stress levels and create better balance between work and home life.


Support: Enjoy the support of a coach who is committed to being your champion and guiding you to achieve the results you want.


As your coach, I can help you address issues in the following areas:



Business Coaching

  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Setting powerful business goals for increased profitability
  • Delegating responsibility
  • Addressing family business issues


Executive Coaching

  • Stepping into the next level of leadership
  • Ordering priorities for maximum results
  • Developing your team
  • Supporting organizational change


Career Coaching

  • Positioning yourself for a new job or career
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Brainstorming job options
  • Putting together a dynamite resume


Life Coaching

  • Handling transitions in your life
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Addressing concerns about money and finances
  • Creating time for relaxation and fun


Conflict Coaching

  • Identifying your favored conflict management style
  • Knowing when to use other conflict management styles
  • Preparing for difficult conversations with family, friends and colleagues
  • Negotiating agreements that meet your needs


ADD/ADHD Coaching

  • Getting organized and staying on track
  • Establishing time-management supports
  • Handling stress in the workplace and at home
  • Advocating for your needs

Posted by:

Susan Ingram

Mediation and Coaching

New York, New York