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Joan Weiss strongly believes that mediation is the best method available to help couples make the transition from the uncertainty of separation to the security of a fair and effective settlement. After earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia (’79) and a law degree from George Washington University (’83), Joan Weiss served as a judicial law clerk and as a prosecutor in the District of Columbia. Since then she has spent her legal career helping separating families resolve their disputes through mediation, negotiation and, when necessary, litigation. She acts as a Family Law Facilitator for the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Maryland and is trained in mediation and collaborative law.

Douglas Cohn has practiced family law for over thirty years and believes, after representing hundreds of clients, that mediation is the best way to deal with divorcing or separating couples. He believes that through mediation, the parties are heard, respected and able to reach the best outcome despite the unpleasant nature of the situation. Since graduating from the University of Maryland (’80) and Vermont Law School (’84), Douglas Cohn has concentrated his practice in family law matters. He was appointed by then Governor Howard Dean as a Family Law Magistrate in Vermont dealing with issues ranging from custody and child support to alimony and division of property. He is trained in both mediation and collaborative law.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a method of resolving conflict with the help of a neutral facilitator. The goal of A SMARTER DIVORCE mediation is to aid the parties in resolving all of their disputes themselves without the need for costly litigation. A SMARTER DIVORCE mediation addresses all parenting and financial issues in a non-adversarial setting. Mediation allows you to keep control of the process and develop solutions to your situation that are unique and best for you. Mediation can also help you establish a framework for addressing future disputes which arise during child-rearing years.

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