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Carl Arnold and Katie Arnold are proud to provide exceptional legal representation, mediation and other related services through Arnold Law and Mediation in Northfield, Minnesota.

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Carl Arnold is a lawyer and mediator.  He focuses on family law including family law mediation and Collaborative Divorce.  Carl also represents parents in child protection cases.  Carl provides alternative dispute resolution services such as Social Early Neutral Evaluations (SENE), Parenting Time Expediting (PTE) and Parenting Consulting.  Carl Arnold is also a Custody Evaluator in Family Law Cases.

Katie Arnold is a mediator.  She developed and currently operates both the Peer Mediation and Leadership Program as well as the Character Curriculum at Greenvale Park Elementary School in Northfield.

Together, Carl and Katie provide a form of mediation that they call "co-mediation" where they act as a male-female mediation team to help couples who are struggling to resolve family law issues.  They've found that having both a male and a female as part of the mediation team, many couples feel more comfortable with the process than with a single mediator.  

Carl Arnold and Katie Arnold can help caregivers, extended families, parents and other loved ones to have important conversations about important transitions and life decisions, by coordinating and facilitating family group meetings.  We call our services related to scheduling and facilitating family group meetings "Family Communication Services".
We have mediated hundreds of family law cases and other types of mediation.  Attorneys throughout the Twin Cites and the southern Minnesota region refer cases to Carl and Katie Arnold.  Our office is in Northfield and we have a beautiful mediation room with large stained-glass windows in a historic brick building that has a very comfortable atmosphere.  We also travel to other offices.  Contact us to schedule your mediation.  We offer free mediation scheduling to take the work out of getting started.

Call for a free consultation to learn more.
Phone: 507-786-9999

We offer mediation with one neutral mediator and we are proud to also offer co-mediation.  We use the term co-mediation to mean mediation provided by a male/female team. We practice co-mediation in all areas dealing with families: divorce; paternity/un-married parents; custody; parenting time; child support; grandparent visitation/access to grandchildren; adult sibling disputes dealing with elderly parents; elderly parents dealing with blended families; elderly healthcare issues; etc.

In addition, we also co-mediate a broad range of topics not involved with families.  For example: neighbor disputes; managerial/subordinate workplace conflict; inter/intra-department workplace conflict; financial disputes; land use; etc.

In our experience, having a male/female mediation team helps provide a thoughtful, inclusive process where all those involved feel more comfortable and connected.  At our office, clients benefit from learning more about mediation and co-mediation during a free consultation and, if they choose to use our services, they will benefit from a quality process in mediation or co-mediation to resolve issues.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the co-mediation process with you. Please feel free to email us or call us with any questions about mediation or co-mediation.
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