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Connie Fraser Mediation LLC

Serving Monroe, Ontario & Wayne counties.
Buffalo, New York 14211


Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Contract, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Legal Separation, LGBT, Marital Property, Spousal Support

I have over thirty years of experience dealing with conflict and
mediation solutions. I have served as a Leader, Manager and Trainer in
the Rochester Community. I received my training as a Professional
Mediator through the Mediation Center and Center for Dispute Settlement.
I am a member of the New York State Counsel of Divorce Mediators,
Rochester Association of Family Mediators, and Academy of Professional
Family Mediators.

I understand what it is like to deal with loss and starting over. I
know first hand what it is like to to come up with a new Plan B, because
Plan A no longer works for you or even exists.

As a Professional Mediator I will help you address the conflict in your
life in a safe, non-threatening environment. If you are facing a
problem within your family - a spouse or partner, a rebellious teen or
with a co-worker, I can facilitate a conversation that will enable all
those involved, the opportunity to express their feelings and views and
to come up with workable solutions. Mediation is not therapy. It is a
facilitated dialogue between you and the person that you are in conflict

If you are facing the prospect of a separation or divorce, I can help
you draft a Parenting Plan that meets the needs of your family. As well
as addressing the financial aspects of separating a household. The
process does not have to be adversarial.

My role is to help you sort through the details and to help you and your
spouse, partner or workmate, make decisions that you can live with going

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P: 585-750-5077
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