George R. Vito, DPM, MBA, MSc, EJD

Bridge Mediation

"10% of conflict is due to difference of opinion and 90% is due to delivery and tone of voice"
Buffalo, New York 14201


Administrative Professional License Defense, Child Custody, Civil, Complex Civil, Contract, Elder Law, Family, Licensing, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home, Professional Liability

Dr. George Vito has been in private surgical practice for 30 years. After obtaining his Medical Degree and finishing his surgical residency in Atlanta, GA, he obtained an MBA, a second masters in criminal justice and a graduate certificate in Financial Crimes investigations, a graduate certificate in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution as well as an Executive Juris Doctorate.

Dr. Vito has had extensive experience working with physicians and health care providers who are facing financial and professional collateral damage due to Medicare and Medicaid fraud accusations. His expertise is extensive in relating to physicians the process of the judicial system, what to expect in reference to the function of their private practice, medical malpractice coverage, Medicare and Medicaid participation and state licensure issues when indicted by either the Federal or State Authorities.
In addition, Dr. Vito has extensive medical malpractice mediation and arbitration experience at the Local, State and Federal Levels as well as serving as a family court and civil court mediator for the Jamestown, Mayville, and Buffalo Court Systems.

Surrogate Decision Making Committee Program Seminar, December 14, 2017
Graduate Certificate, Creighton University, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, March 2017
Mediation Activity Session, Jamestown, NY  November, 11, 2017

Divorce Mediation Training, Watertown, NY 10/2016
CPS Training Course, Jamestown, NY  9/2016
Receivership Training, Buffalo, NY 9/2016
Commercial Mediation 16 hour Training, Buffalo, NY  5/2016
Jamestown Mediation Update, Jamestown, NY 5/2016
Cultural Humiliation in Mediation, Buffalo, NY 4/2016
Divorce Mediation Training, Watertown, NY 10/2016
Receivership Training, Buffalo, NY  9/2016
Commercial Mediation 16 Hour Training, Buffalo, NY 5/2016
Jamestown Mediation Update, Jamestown, NY  5/2016
Deputy Clerk of the Court, Jamestown, NY  4/2016
Cultural Humiliation in Mediation, Buffalo, NY 4/2016
Mediator Breakfast In-Service, Victor, NY 3/2016
Arbitration: Process, Law & Decisions: Rochester, NY 3/2016
NYS Certified Community Mediator, 12/2015
NYS Certified Lemon law Mediator, 11/2015
NYS Certified Custody and Visitation Mediator   9/2015
Custody and Visitation Mediation Training, Bath, NY August, 2015
New York State Lemon Law Arbitration Program, Albany, NY   June, 2015
Principles of Mediation Training, Center for Dispute Settlement, Rochester, NY   2015
Investigating on the Internet, Research Tools for Fraud Examiners, Buffalo, NY  2015
NC Mediation Law Course, Raleigh, NC    2014
Mediation Basic Course  40 hour course, Raleigh, NC    2014
Fraud Prevention, 2010

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Medical Malpractice Discussion
12/12/2017 11:09:50 PM
Description: Recent years have brought increasing recognition that errors and adverse outcomes in health care are far more common than was once supposed, that malfunctioning systems of care are far more likely than individual wrong doers to be the source of such