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Auto Accident, Class Action, Commercial, Contract, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Slip & Fall, Toxic Tort

Matthew A. Rosenbaum

As a New York State Supreme Court Justice, Matthew Rosenbaum spent nearly fifteen years assisting attorneys and their clients in resolving disputes as straightforward as automobile accidents to complex litigation matters such as toxic tortsmedical malpractice and commercial litigation.  Known for his direct honest approach to evaluating lawsuits, reviewing each matter sensitively, and offering an impartial perspective that attorneys and their clients understand and appreciate, Matthew A. Rosenbaum has a reputation for reaching agreeable resolutions. 

Having served as the first ever designated lead paint litigation judge, Matthew Rosenbaum settled several hundred cases in that field, while only needing to conduct one jury trial and one bench trial in the seven years he was assigned to that part. 

As Western New York’s first ever designated medical malpractice judge, he gained a reputation state-wide, for his knowledge in this complex field, having been awarded one of the first federal fellowships in the Advanced Science & Technology Adjudication Resource (ASTAR) Program.  In addition, he co-founded a collaborative program between doctors and lawyers, The Physicians & Attorneys Cooperative Education (PACE) Program, enabling lawyers and doctors to adopt a more collaborative approach to settling matters.

As the designated Commercial Litigation Judge for his region, he took on a leadership role handling matters both complex and voluminous, encouraging collaboration, thus allowing parties to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on an unpredictable trial.

As the region’s Supervising Judge of Civil Courts, Matthew Rosenbaum stepped in for judges who had conflicts and handled a variety of litigation matters, often settling matters in earlier stages saving parties time and money. 

Ask attorneys and their clients about what makes working with him successful?  They would say that his style and conscientious efforts make him approachable and productive.  It is true that not all matters settle; however, he has met with many successes due to his long time experience and determination.  He works with attorneys and their clients to resolve matters quickly, efficiently and at a very fair and reasonable cost.

Rosenbaum Mediations PLLC was founded in 2020 by Matthew Rosenbaum.  Although headquartered in Rochester, New York, Matthew Rosenbaum has handled matters internationally and in numerous states, either traveling to locations or handling the matters via Zoom and other platforms.  The firm concentrates in a variety of dispute resolution services, including both mediations and arbitrations. 

Resolving both simple and complex disputes requires special skills, experience and sensitivity.  That’s why many attorneys and their clients have turned to our founder, Retired Justice Matthew A. Rosenbaum, for reaching just and fair resolutions.

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