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Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Elder, Eldercare Ethics, Employment, Family, Workplace


Concordia College, Moorhead, MN; B.A. Communications and Religion (1982)
University of St Thomas, St Paul, MN;  Masters in Business Communication (1992)

Certification & Training:

Qualified Family Mediator (2004)  

           MN Supreme Court Qualified Mediation Course (2004)
           Understanding Domestic Abuse; (2005)
           ADR / Rule 114 Roster, Supreme Court of Minnesota; (2005 to present)
           All required ADR / Rule 114 Roster CEU’s (Up-to-date)

Certified Trainer, Speaker, Coach;  Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) (1999)

           Gordon Training International; Trained, qualified, and certified to teach 3 day class (1999)
           Focus: Conflict resolution, effective communication skills, finding a mutually satisfying win-win solution (building better collaborative work & personal relationships)
           Parent Effectiveness Training
           Parents Forever Training

Guardian ad Litem; Completed Ramsey County Course (37 hours)
Early Neutral Evaluator; Hennepin County Family Court Services; Certificate of completion (2004)
Parenting Time; Expeditor Work


    MN Joint Custody Task Force, (2008) legislatively mandated group
    MN Parenting Time Guide Work Group (Oct 2015–March 2019) MN State Court group
    MN Family Law Work Group (2019-2020)
    MN Cooperative Private Divorce Project (2012–2018) Private policy group
    MN Child Custody Dialogue Group (2012–2015) Collaborative advisory group to legislature

Since the year 2000, Molly has been working within the “area” of family law/family court issues, whether paid or volunteer.  Molly is a well-versed and has expertise in conflict resolution, communication and building effective relationships of trust and respect.


Center for Parental Responsibility, Leading Women for Shared Parenting

Mediation Works

Critical times of conflict test our character like nothing else … but conflict is not something to be afraid of or ignore.  Often, good things are waiting on the other side of conflict.  Mediation is the process of problem solving, which “parties in dispute” can use to reach mutually agreed upon “win-win” solutions.  With the help of a mediator, an impartial third party, guides them through the resolution process and ensures each party  feels heard and understood.

Areas of Focus:

Family Mediation; To repair or rebuild family relationships in conflict
Divorce Mediation;
Co-Parenting Mediation; Whether married or unmarried
Post-Divorce Mediation; Determining solutions for unexpected details or evolving parenting plans
Parent-Youth Mediation; Getting your children involved in problem solving parent-child issue

Eldercare; Assisting the family making decisions with and for elderly family members in need of change

Organizational Conflict Resolution; Whether corporate or organizational conflicts that inhibit results

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process of using an impartial third party (the mediator) to resolve a conflict that is satisfying and agreeable to both parties.  The mediator creates a judgment-free environment to ensure that each party feels heard and understood.  The mediator removes any sense of who is right and who is wrong, and discourages blame or shame of past actions and helps the conflicted to work together in developing the a solution.  

The mediator is not making any of the decisions, but is there to simply guide the participating parties through their discussions.  The mediator can’t force a decision on either party.  Also, mediated agreements, especially one’s involving families and divorce, often include solutions tailored to specific situations, and are not typically available in arbitration or litigation through the court system.

At the conclusion, your mediator completes a Memorandum of Agreement detailing the outcome, which is then filed with the court.  To get more information, request a FREE one hour orientation.  During this session you will learn more details about the process and you will be able to ask any questions.

Who Can Mediate?

Professionals come to the field of mediation with different backgrounds, including psychology, business, social work, therapy, and the legal field.  
No matter which, all must be trained to mediate, as mediation requires a very different skill set than litigation, legal negotiation, counseling, management or psychotherapy.

The Minnesota State Court system requires that all “qualified” mediators complete a course certified through State Court Administration.  The course must meet the requirements in Rule 114.13. After completion, a qualified neutral can be listed on the Rule 114 Neutral Roster with the Minnesota State Court system.

At F.A.I.R. Solutions, it is our belief that real mediation is facilitating a productive dialogue through which the parties are then able to create their own mutually satisfying outcome. 

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