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Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Family, Paternity

Rhia Bornmann is an experienced Family Law lawyer who practices in all areas of family law and in all Minnesota counties.

Her focus is on helping families with the difficult issues that arise with divorce, unwed parents, establishing custody, legal separation, parenting time, child custody matters, child support or any other family law matters that may arise. She is also frequently called on to take Order for Protection and Harassment Restraining Order matters related to domestic violence or harassment on short notice, then able to provide her client with a successful outcome.

Ms. Bornmann is a skilled negotiator as well as a strong advocate.
She is also trained in mediation; both Family Law Mediation and General Mediation. She is a registered Mediator in Minnesota and is listed on the Supreme Court Roster of Neutrals Rule 114.

Ms. Bornmann passionately believes in working with her clients to serve the best interests of the children involved. Oftentimes, the best gift she can give to the parties includes the tools to improve their long term relationships for the benefit of the children involved. Studies show parents fighting is what causes the children the long term stress, not the divorce itself.

You can learn more about her style of representation from the audio interview at the following link:  https://impactmakersradio.com/rhia-bornmann-family-law-attorney-minneapolis-minnesota/

Ms. Bornmann is a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Ms. Bornmann can be reached directly by calling 612-599-7860 or by email at [email protected].

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