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Bayer Stock Surges for the First Time in 10 Years Amid the Hope of Mediated Settlement in Roundup Lawsuits
7/22/2019 3:15:55 PM
Description: Stock for Bayer surged for the first time in over a decade following the company’s hiring of a new attorney to deal with the Roundup Weed Killer lawsuits the company faces. The company is hoping to bolster its response to the growing number of

Memphis-based Farming Organization Fails to Settle Lawsuit in Mediation
5/17/2019 11:33:43 AM
Description: The Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association (BFAA) allowed a mediation deadline to pass without resolving their ongoing dispute with the Stine Seed Company. The Memphis-based organization accused the company of racism in a lawsuit filed in

Mediation Program Assists Farmers, Lenders, Creditors, and the USDA Resolve Issues
5/9/2018 6:07:27 PM
Description:   The Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program assists farmers when issues arise between them and the USDA agencies, creditors, and lenders.  Many of them are forced to deal with credit, loan, wetland determinations, crop insurance,

ALRB Mediation Outcome Now in Front of Fresno Appeals Court
5/7/2016 3:16:42 PM
Description: Attorneys representing Gerawan Farming, the Agricultural Labor Relations Board, and various media organizations all presented arguments in front of the 5th District Court of Appeals recently regarding a case that could potentially change whether or

Mediation Will Be Used to Resolve Exit Four Dispute
2/13/2016 4:43:46 PM
Description: Environmental groups and developer Jessie Sammis have informed the District 3 Environmental Commission they plan to use mediation to reach an agreement concerning the Green Mountain Center. This is a multi-use project that was proposed for the 172

South Dakota Farmers Face Challenges
12/5/2015 12:36:22 PM
Description: South Dakota farmers are faced with a great deal of stress concerning this year’s harvest and the potential for next year’s to be equally as disappointing. Prices are their main concern – especially since those prices aren’t

Mediation to Settle Dispute over Development Plans
8/4/2015 4:08:24 PM
Description:   Mediation is being considered to resolve a dispute over a redevelopment plan that would transform the hamlet of Conrich unless significant changes to the proposal are made. The Rocky View County Council will review the structure plan again

Fresno County Mediation Laws Causing Friction Among Agricultural Employers
5/15/2013 12:59:22 PM
Description:   A farming company located in Fresno County, California, is suing the state over what it claims is unfair requirements of mandatory mediation with the United Farm Workers union. Gerawan Farming Company, one of the largest U.S. tree fruit

Minnesota Legislature Votes On Extension of Farmer-Lender Mediation Program
4/23/2013 9:21:41 PM
Description:   Legislation calling for an extension of Minnesota’s farmer-lender mediation program, known as HF 251 and written by Rep. Jeanne Poppe, has passed the House and will now go to the Senate before being enacted into law.  Formerly set

Extension of Farmer-Lender Mediation Act Passed by House
2/20/2013 12:54:14 PM
Description:   This past Thursday, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted 124-5 for a four-year extension of The Farmer-Lender Mediation Act, a state law that was created to assist farmers who hit particularly difficult times financially due to