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Harvard University Requests Mediation in Grad Dispute
1/13/2020 12:38:03 PM
Description: Harvard has requested federal mediation in an attempt to resolve its ongoing dispute with the school’s graduate student union.  The union has been on strike for several weeks and remains deadlocked in negotiations.  The decision to

Alphabet Sex Harassment
1/2/2020 1:18:25 PM
Description: Alphabet, Inc. has decided to attempt mediation in an effort to resolve investor litigation regarding alleged sexual harassment by senior leaders at Google.  According to reports, harassment and other misconduct had been going on for

Mediation Begins in PBS Dispute
8/5/2019 1:45:20 PM
Description: The ongoing class action lawsuit involving Dartmouth College administration and PBS began this week. The start of mediation was confirmed by College spokesperson Diana Lawrence via email. The mediation came after a joint motion was filed by both

Mediation Results in $44 Million Settlement in Weinsten Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits
6/18/2019 1:12:02 PM
Description: Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein will pay $44 million in a settlement reached concerning lawsuits filed by women who accused him of sexual misconduct.  His former film studio’s board members and the New York attorney general’s

Mediation Outcome Could Affect Ruling in Gunn High School Robotics Case
4/12/2019 11:50:23 AM
Description:   A judge will decide whether the ban of a Gunn High School Student from the school’s robotics team will continue. The student is accused of sexually harassing a teammate in class via text message and during the students’ lunch

Mediation Up Next for Sexual Harassment at the Oregon Capitol
1/18/2019 3:44:43 PM
Description: Oregon’s workplace regulatory agency has opted for mediation instead of prosecuting the Legislature and other officials for not addressing sexual harassment accusations at the state Capitol.   The mediation will involve the Bureau of

Harvey Weinstein and Victims Headed to Mediation
11/26/2018 1:00:19 PM
Description: Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys and women accusing him of sexual misconduct are in the process of considering if mediation could help them resolve their dispute. The goal of the mediation would be to reach a financial settlement regarding the

Sexual Assault Claim Headed to Mediation
11/26/2018 12:57:25 PM
Description: Actress Sarah Scott has agreed to mediation after spending months waiting for the SAG-AFTRA union to act on her claims of sexual assault. Her lawsuit was based on allegations related to sexual assault by her co-star Kip Purdue on the indie TV show

Former Prosecutor’s Office Secretary Lawsuit Headed to Mediation
7/5/2018 1:40:21 PM
Description: The lawsuit filed by former prosecutor’s office secretary Evon Staley is headed to facilitative mediation.  Staley made claims against Branch County Prosecutor Ralph Kimble, claiming she was wrongfully terminated, and that Kimble

Mediation Results in $150,000 Settlement Regarding County Coroner Sexual Harassment Accusations
4/16/2018 6:14:12 PM
Description: Yakima County will pay a county employee $150,000 after accusations were levied against County Coroner Jack Hawkins.  The path to the settlement included mediation, and while the settlement is significant, the terms of the mediated agreement